What we do for you

What we do for you ?

Personal service from your assigned agent who answers every question you have !

Nowadays, most travel agents leave it to you to find what you are looking for on their web page, its like in a supermarket – all self service

You need to know exactly what you need, you try to find answers to your questions while endlessly reading through T&C`s and you need a law degree to understand the fine print hidden somewhere

Super Specials, Lowest Price Guarantees, We beat every price !!Β Β Β  That`s all in big letters but if you want to talk to someone, you`re lost

Here with us

  • You have a dedicated agent that stays on your case and works with you
  • Every email you write, every question you might have is answered by a real person here in New Zealand
  • We know the camper van companies, have seen most of the Motorhomes and can give advise
  • You have someone else in New Zealand if you run into trouble
  • The service is free of charge for you
  • You find independent advise, we are not owned by or related to any Camper Van company