Insurance Options

Insurance Reduction Options – just too expensive?

Those options are charged on top up of the vehicle hire rate and can go up to 65$ per day for a 6 berth van. What you get for it is in most cases only a reduction in the excess – the maximum amount you are responsible for in case of any damage during your hire.

(Some throw in a free gps or include camping gear – but hardly anything substantial to justify the surcharge)

It pays to compare very carefully – but often, that’s not easy as the fine print is jibberish or well hidden.

If you click here to request a  Camper Van Quote from us,

we will have the insurance options clearly laid out and you know what you get for your money. 

And we will also check that the van is actually available for you BEFORE we offer it to you – we don’t like to waste your time.

In any case, it makes a lot of sense to compare an independent insurance that covers the excess for your Camper Van or Motorhome – either ask your insurance partner at home or search for a New Zealand insurance that is right there where you need it if something happens.

Independent insurance helps with cancellation fees, family emergencies, provide medical cover, insure your luggage and your self plus much more – all in one neat, very affordable package.

Here’s an example how much you could save:

A couple, 32 and 28 years old, is traveling for 30 days :

  • The NZ travel insurance covered the vehicle excess PLUS a lot more for just NZ$ 316 ( 195 Euro) while
  • insurance reduction from a Camper Rental company can cost you up to NZ$ 1885 ( 1178 Euro)


Therefore, it will make a lot of sense to check with your insurance partner !!